Master Degree Presentation, May 2017.

What is the choreography of a place? How are we choreographed, and how do we choreograph ourselves, in a city and in the world? Move was a personal study into the movements of my own neighborhood Hjulsta, a suburb of Stockholm. The presentation of the project included - No Go Pussies, a video of cats moving in the neighborhood at dusk, showed in a dance studio at DOCH. - The print The Black Gold, which the audience/participants read while they traveled the subway from the Inner city out to Hjulsta. The print portrays how the desire for oil creates geopolitical decisions with far reaching consequences on our time and our private lives. - A walk in Hjulsta where we passed sound insulating windows that were being installed in apartment buildings due to Förbifart Stockholm, a new highway link with the region’s biggest traffic junction that is built close to where people live. The walk continued to an ancient place of worship that archeologists discovered in the highway building process. We sat down in the newly found historical area, which will soon become a traffic junction, and shared bread.
Move was my Master Degree Project at New Performative Practices, a Program in Choreography with specialization in Performative Practices at DOCH – Dance of School and Circus in Stockholm.

/Jelena Rundqvist

The water surface on a dark lake mirrors what is above, letting the sun watch its own reflection and believe the visible is the only existing reality.

Photographers. Image 1, 2, 5, 7 - Jelena Runqvist. Image 3, 6 - Ossi Niskala. Image 4 - Aexandra Campbell.

No Go Pussies from Jelena Rundqvist on Vimeo.